Myanmar: Lawsuit to be filed over Suu Kyi death threat

Election-winning party takes action after pro-military Facebook user threats to assassinate leader whose independence hero father was shot dead

Myanmar’s election-winning National League for Democracy (NLD) party revealed Saturday its plans to file a lawsuit against a pro-military man who threatened online to assassinate its leader Aung San Suu Kyi.
A Facebook comment posted under the name of Ye Lwin Myint this week warned that if a constitutional article barring Suu Kyi from the presidency were suspended, “I’ll just need an AWM [a sniper rifle] or an AS 50 gun and a month of training”.
“I will surely kill her. I am serious,” the poster said.
He also revealed that he was planning to launch a Facebook group called “Those dying to assassinate Daw Suu,” using a local honorific that means “aunt”, and that he had been sleeping with a rifle since age 10.
The post included a photo of two men posing with assault rifles, one said to be Ye Lwin Myint.
NLD spokesperson Win Htein told Anadolu Agency that the party’s legal team is collecting data and information to file a lawsuit against the poster.
The poster’s father, according to media reports, is a former military attache now serving as Lieutenant Commander-XO of the Southern Regional Military Command, based in Taungoo of insurgency-plagued southern Karen state.
“The party’s lawyers are going to file a lawsuit against the guy soon,” Win Htein said by phone Saturday.
Win Htein said the party has also tightened security arrangements for Suu Kyi, daughter of late independence hero General Aung San, who was assassinated by a group of gunmen in July 19, 1947, six months before the end of British colonial rule in Myanmar.
“We are serious because the history teaches us there are always people who use such stupid guys for their interests,” he underlined.
Suu Kyi’s NLD won the general election in November by a landslide, placing the party in a position to chose the new president to rule the country over the next five years.
Myanmar’s military-drafted constitution, however, blocks Suu Kyi from becoming president under article 59(f) – which many suspect is aimed solely at her – banning anyone with foreign relatives becoming the country's leader.
Suu Kyi's two sons are both British citizens. NLD lawmakers are planning to submit a proposal to suspend article 59 (f) to parliament in coming days, as the national assembly is scheduled to convene Monday for the first time since the NLD trounced the military-backed ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party in the November polls.

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