France blames Syrian regime, allies for Geneva talks suspension

France supports decision by UN Syria envoy to pause talks

France has blamed the Syrian regime, Russia and their allies for the suspension of Geneva peace talks because of their continuous offensive against the Syrian people.
UN Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura announced on Wednesday a “temporary pause” in peace talks due to intensified fighting in Syria.
France condemns the "brutal offensive by the Syrian regime with Russia's support to encircle and asphyxiate Aleppo and its hundreds of thousands of residents", French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said in a statement late Wednesday.
He said France backs de Mistura's move to suspend the talks.
“I express the full support of France to the decision of the Special Envoy, in this context, to suspend negotiations, which neither the regime of Bashar al-Assad nor its allies, visibly don't want to contribute to in good faith, thus torpedoing peace efforts," Fabius added.
The head of French diplomacy said his country expects the regime and its allies to respect their humanitarian obligations and observe UN Security Council Resolution 2254 by stopping “indiscriminate bombing” and allowing the entrance of humanitarian aid.
The 2254 UN resolution constitutes a road map for peace in Syria that sets timetables for negotiations and outlines a nationwide cease-fire to begin as soon as initial steps toward a political transition are made.
Fabius also said the one-day Syrian Donors Conference, which is underway in London to raise more funds in aid of those affected by the crisis in Syria, “would be the opportunity of extensive consultations with our partners” to discuss necessary future steps.
The Syria peace talks were officially declared underway Monday as de Mistura met Syrian opposition delegates in Geneva.
They were expected to focus on setting up an interim government and staging elections within two years. Initial priorities included establishing a cease-fire, supplying humanitarian aid and fighting the Daesh terrorist organization.
All parties in the conflict met in Geneva in a UN-brokered bid to end the five-year war, which has caused more than 250,000 deaths and displaced more than 11 million people.

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