Donors vow billions for "refugee crisis" in London

World leaders have convened in London on Feb. 4 in aid for refugees from Syria struck by conflict.

During the donor conference, Germany pledged 2.6 billion dollars, Norway 1.17 billion dollars and the UK 1.7 billion dollars in new refugee aid.
The goal of conference is to raise 9 billion dollars for Syrian refugees.
"There is a critical shortfall in life-saving aid" said UK Prime Minister David Cameron.
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and David Cameron both urged “the need into education for Syrian refugee children, while Cameron stressed that a solution for the crisis could be only achieved by a long-lasting political transformation.
However, the talks were "undermined by the continuous lack of sufficient humanitarian access, and by a sudden increase of aerial bombings and military activities within Syria" UN chief Ban Ki-moon said.
Turkey needs "long-term support"
More than 90 humanitarian and human rights groups including Amnesty International, Oxfam and the Malala Foundation called for “better access to education and jobs” to tackle the crisis in Syria and neighboring states.
Meanwhile, delegates from Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, neighboring countries known to host millions of refugees said their societies needed “long-term support” in a bid to adapt to the influx from Syria. These countries were applauded by David Cameron and other leaders for their efforts.
Also, "Ten thousand new refugees are waiting in front of the door of Kilis because of air bombardments and attacks against Aleppo" Turkish Prime Minister urged in his speech, adding that Turkey had so far spent 10 billion dollars to help Syrians particularly in refugee camps.
Turkey is hosting 2.5 million people, the largest number of refugees.

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