8 students dismissed from dormitory for protesting

General Directorate of Credit and Dormitories Agency dismissed eight female students in a dormitory for protesting inhuman conditions and the increase in food prices

In the Mediterranean province of Antalya, a group of students demonstrated the poorly cleaned and crummy rooms, restrictions such as ban of bringing drinking water inside the rooms and the lack of guardrails on bunk beds.
More than 300 students protested the implementations in the cafeteria by banging forks and knives onto their tables. While eight students faced investigations filed against them, some of these girls were not only dismissed from their university, but also they lost their scholarship and student loans.
A "revolt against the state" defends agency
The students filed a claim through the Antalya Bar and the Association for Supporting Contemporary Life, demanding the annulment of the penalty.
“The decision violates rights for education” said Antalya Bar lawyer Aynur Rüzgar Gökçe. Lawyers said the administration’s sentencing was “disproportionate”.
“Dismissal of students before the outcome of the administrative file causes irreparable damages” Gökçe said.
“Our protests was considered a revolt” said one of the students Merve Aktaş, adding that students were forced to even pay for a second dinner napkin on the table, sparking the protest.
The students urged they were not informed about the decision beforehand and have lost their rights during their examination term.
“We, as eight students, have met each other during the investigations. They constantly told us that we were used by some people. They told us that this was a revolt against the state and they threatened us of registering the incident” Aktaş said.

03 Şubat 2016 - Dünya

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