Aamir now Bollywood’s only Khan without an endorsement in his kitty

n April last year Aamir Khan was the most expensive celebrity endorser in the country charging anywhere between Rs 5-7 crore a day. Cut to the present he has

Two people close to the actor said this is because the actor is very selective about the brands that he endorses and takes up only one assignment at a time, adding that he is in talks some brands."Khan and his team are in discussion with some brands and an announcement will happen when something concrete comes out," said one of them. Recently, ecommerce firm Snapdeal had decided not to renew Khan's contract as a brand ambassador.Advertising and marketing executives said the move was linked to Khan's comments in November about rising intolerance in the country, which led to a storm of protest by supporters of the government and a campaign of denigration against the actor.Snapdeal had stopped using ads featuring Khan immediately after the controversy broke out. Before this, the ecommerce firm had extensively featured Khan in its 'Dil Ki Deal' print, television and digital campaigns.Last month, the tourism ministry dropped Khan as brand ambassador of its 'Incredible India' campaign that the actor was associated with since 2009. He was replaced by Amitabh Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra.
A person close to Khan said denied that the end of Snapdeal contract had anything to do with his November comments."Aamir never has a renewal clause in his endorsement contracts so there is no question of extension. His contracts are also usually of one year duration," the person said. Prior to Snapdeal, Khan was the brand ambassador for the Godrej Group, and the association was only for a year. Another person close to the actor said: "Before (Khan's TV talk show) 'Satyamev Jayate' went on air, Aamir personally requested all brand managers to stop running the ads of which he was a part at least three months before the show went on air.


06 Şubat 2016 - Dünya

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