China ends search for 13 trapped miners after 6 weeks

Rescuers say miners could not have survived as mine tunnels were completely caved in flooded

Rescuers have called off the search for 13 workers trapped in a gypsum mine that collapsed six weeks ago in eastern China.
The search and rescue team announced Saturday that the miners could not have survived as the tunnels of the mine in Shandong Province were completely caved in and flooded, state news agency Xinhua reported.
Of the 29 miners who had been working underground on Dec. 25, 11 were rescued immediately after the incident and one found dead.
Another four survivors had been lifted out through a newly drilled shaft 36 days later.
Four smaller tunnels had been used to supply the four trapped workers – aged between 36 and 58 years old – with food and clothes.
An investigation has been launched into the collapse of the mine in Pingyi County, owned by the Yurong Trade Company.

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