Women protest sexual assault in central Istanbul

“We Will Stop Women Murders” Platform protested the brutal sexual assault against 19-year-old university student in Istanbul’s central Bağdat Street in Kadıköy.

Women protest sexual assault in central Istanbul
The young woman was sexually assaulted by an unidentified attacker armed with a knife in Kadıköy district’s Bağdat Street. The suspect who was sent to court said he has “yielded to temptation” during police testimonial.

The suspected attacker, 34-year-old Cengiz A. who is married with two children, was arrested by the court after he confessed the crime.

Officials' discourses keep encouraging assaults

“We, as women, will continue to be sexually assaulted if women are told to only give birth, to a lot of children. Those who have made statements cherishing retrogressive thoughts are the ones responsible for this attack against our sister” said the platform’s İstanbul Representative Fidan Ataselim.

“Ministry of Family and Social Policies along with Directorate of Religious Affairs have been giving weight to discourses encouraging hatred against woman and caused the increase of killings, sexual assaults and violence against women” Ataselim added.

Having stressed that women have been killed when they hit streets to go to school or work, Ataselim vowed women will not “keep their hands off”.

The statement also slammed reductions of sentences in murder cases against woman, while stating these reductions including “good conduct abatement” would encourage new assaults. They called on officials to reformulate laws and punish those attackers “who wander on streets”.

This protest followed Progressive Women Association’s demonstration where around 20 women have blocked one of the lanes on lively Bağdat Street, where the assault has occurred.
Güncelleme Tarihi: 30 Ocak 2016, 18:10