20 Mart 2013 Çarşamba 00:00
V-day is coming.

In anticipation of needed valentines day inspiration may I point out to ya’ll our tags section,memories and pinterest.

Happy crafting!

My favorite bags

12:03 pm - 03/20/2013
My favorite bags. Large and comfortable. "Cosmetics bag" :-))

Parisian Purse

9:45 pm - 03/19/2013
Timeless Treasures Parisian Newsprint Fabric. I fell totally in love with this fabric! It was an annoying ordeal to get it, though. I waited for a month after I ordered it and it was almost $20/yard. Totally worth it :D

Parisian Purse

Seahorse pendant

7:59 pm - 03/19/2013
Hi there! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything in here, so I thought I’d share one of my latest creations with you guys. It’s a seahorse pendant I made using a real seahorse, a tooth that I "bloodied"and glittered, a vintage bottle, and vintage beads.

From Projects

One more pic here )

She is costumed!

2:11 pm - 03/18/2013
Here she is, costumed. I’m in the process of making her some itty bitty books as props, and maybe some jewels? A crown or something maybe.

I love my new sewing machine. The novelty fabric I used for her shrug was a booger to cut  (also: messy) but I’m so pleased with how it looks.
storybringer clothed

7:32 am - 03/18/2013
Have you seen those bundles of twigs or grasses that cost upwards of $15? Yeah, you can make those for free.

lilac twigs photo lilactwigs001_zps0b38ec7a.jpg

I waited until my lilacs started to bud to remind myself that I shouldn’t have to put up with this never ending winter for much longer. Snip them, bundle them, tie them.

Also, If you ever find yourself undecided about painting over old brick, you should do it. I think this was the absolute best cheap makeover I have ever done which yielded the biggest impact.

9:04 pm - 03/17/2013

Winged-Doom-hat (+2) )

My friend mirromaru made this amazing Winged-Doom-hat and I loved it so much that I made myself one, too. 
Little did I know that she planned to give it to me and now I am the proud owner of two Omskhats. :3
Excuse the picture of my face, but I wanted to show how it looks worn.

cheap bottle cutter

10:20 pm - 03/16/2013
Anybody wanna sell or  know where to get a cheap bottle cutter.
Hello! I’m the next newby here and I would like to tell and show my biggest hobby. I’m in love with beadwork. Started from making little charming bracelets since being a teenager and until nowadays, working with big serious stones and expensive seed beads, I’m allin handcrafting every minute of my life.

Usually I’m working with gemstone cabochones, porcelain and glass cameos, seed beads, natural pearls and beads of all kinds. Embroiding every little bead, one by one, making perfect jewelleries for extravagant, non-formal people and gothic lolitas. 

Representing few pictures of my favorite works below and hoping to find friends and colleagues. Cheers! =)

Four more... )

Read more at Craftgrrl: http://craftgrrl.livejournal.com/#ixzz2O4Bhae35

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