US stock market closes lower

Shares of LinkedIn, Netflix, Amazon plunge

US stock market closes lower
 American stocks closed lower Friday on news the U.S. added fewer than expected jobs in January.
The Dow Jones Industrial average ended the day at 16,204.56 points, losing 212.02, or 1.29 percent.

The Nasdaq fell 146.42 points to close a 4,363.14, marking a 3.25 percent decline. And the S&P 500 was down 35.44 points, or 1.85 percent, to end the day at 1,880.01.

Prior to the opening bell, jobless figures were released that indicated the country added 151,000 new jobs, while analysts expected 190,000 jobs.

Shares of the social networking service LinkedIn plunged 43.6 percent, hitting its lowest level since February 2013.

Internet streaming media company Netflix was down by 7.7 percent, while Amazon's shares decreased by 6.4 percent.

Automotive and energy storage firm Tesla saw its shares plunge by 7.26 percent, and energy giant ConocoPhillips was down around 6.8 percent and 2100GMT.
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