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TÜSİAD ‘failing to understand’ CB's inflation policies
“We have always underlined the importance of the realization of the inflation targets by the Central Bank. The inflation rate has, however, not only been higher than the targets, but has also continued increasing. At the same time, the Central Bank’s policies are away from achieving the bank’s own targets. There is a difference between setting inflation targets and making this a part of monetary policy. There has recently been a tendency that sees it as enough to have a target. We have been wondering whether an impossible-to-reach target has been set. Or is there any obstacle before the realization of the policies which are necessary to achieve the goal? I should sincerely say that we are failing to understand this” said the president of the Industry and Business Association of Turkey (TÜSİAD), Cansen Başaran-Symes, at a joint meeting with the World Bank on Feb. 25.

Inflation was announced 8.81 percent in 2015, much higher than the Central Bank’s target of 5 percent. The inflation rate then rose by 1.82 percent in January, triggered by persistently high food costs and tax hikes, especially on alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, lifting the annual inflation rate to 9.58 percent, close to double digit levels and the highest since May 2014. The Central Bank increased its inflation forecast rate in January by one point from 6.5 to 7.5 for 2016, having kept its “5 percent target” for the following three years.

Symes noted global risks have continued to rise, including slowing global economic recovery and the deterioration in emerging economies, at the launch of the “Global Economic Prospects: Spillovers amid Weak Growth” report in Istanbul.

“We have seen the Syrian issue has been deepening and a dramatic rise in terror attacks across the globe, including Turkey. The geopolitical risks have unfortunately skyrocketed” she said, adding that the oil plunge has destabilized many countries.
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