Smugglers now transport refugees in lifeboats

Coast guard teams have taken new measures to control crossings of refugees through Turkey’s Aegean, as human smugglers started using lifeboats of hulks for transporting them, in İzmir.

Smugglers now transport refugees in lifeboats
Human smugglers reinvented lifeboats while trip boats are too expensive and inflatable boats easily capsize off Aegean coasts, causing human tragedies nearly every day.

These lifeboats are completely covered and more resilient against rousts in the sea as well as heavy loads, because they are constructed to face conditions of open sea and ocean. Teams have spotted that smugglers have been seizing these small boats dismantled from hulks.

According to Ship Recycling Industrialists Association managers, the coast guard will inspect these lifeboats by controlling their unregistered sales and will demand papers to detect where, how and by whom they have been used. These small boats will be tracked in the regions where they are used, as well.

Refugees have been risking their lives to cross into Greek islands, after having fled the conflict in their home countries, particularly Syria, through this route map.

Most recently, these illegal attempts of human smugglers killed 39 people including 18 children off Ayvacık district of Turkey’s Çanakkale province in Aegean.
Güncelleme Tarihi: 03 Şubat 2016, 00:18