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'Legal procedure on Gulen should be allowed to go forward'
 Bass reiterated that the U.S. “strongly condemned” the coup attempt in Turkey, and underlined their support to Turkish government in bringing perpetrators to justice, “in accordance with the law and due process through an established proceeding”, speaking to the press before a July 4 Independence Day reception in Istanbul on Wednesday.
Vital to not getting into hypotheses on Gulen row’s outcomes: Bass

Bass commented on which path the U.S. would follow in their fight against the Islamic State (IS) if the extradition talks on Muslim cleric Gulen comes to a deadlock and damage US-Turkey relations, in response to DHA’s question.

“We have said several times this week, ‘If the Turkish government has clear evidence on Mr Gulen’s involvement in the coup plot, we are happy to receive that and work together’, between the two respective legal systems and justice ministries to evaluate the evidence” he said.

“But I think it is important not getting into hypotheticals about possible outcomes, from what is the distinct legal proceeding” Bass added.

US Ambassador told DHA that they would pay regard to the “fragilities” within the Turkish society following the “shock” that they have faced.

U.S. will continue to cooperate with Turkey “to fight the Islamic State (IS) and other terrorist organizations” while working to encourage trade and investments, and cooperation of students and academics, between the two countries, he said.

“Mass detainment, firings raise concerns”

US President Barack Obama, in his phone call with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, encouraged Ankara to bring committers to justice, in a way which citizens across Turkey would have “increased confidence in Turkey’s democratic institutions and respect for rule of law”, he added.

However, John Bass warned that mass detainment and firings after the coup attempt would “raise concerns”.

“Any time we see mass arrests, detentions and firings of people from positions of employment with government, in a very rapid period of time, without a lot of evidencehaving been presented for those actions, that creates concerns” he urged.

"US has expressed these concerns in public"

Bass added that the US has expressed these concerns “in public and in their conversations with their Turkish colleagues” who work to address the damage caused by this coup attempt.

“If we see instances in which those efforts to bring people to justice seem to be at variance with commitments Turkey has made first and foremost to its own citizens but also to us and other democratic allies, we will continue to point that out in the spirit of friendship and partnership. Just as we expect the Turkish government and people here in Turkey to do so for us in U.S” Bass said.
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