31 Temmuz 2016 Pazar 21:41
Justice Minister Bozdag : Germany is the shame of his democracy and rule of law

 Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag, " Germany 's speech our President is unfair, blocking illegal and discourteous manner is a great democracy and law and shame. Germany 's democracy, then against Turkey , the rule of law , unacceptable to receive the mouth of the concept of human rights and freedoms . " He made the assessment .

Bozdag, Germany to be held in Cologne " Democracy Rally Against the Coup " What made ​​statements from Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's teleconference of to connect and appeal to the public by the method of German social networking site on the block with the Constitutional Court ruling Twitter account .

"Subject to date time Germany is Turkey 's democracy , rule of law , human rights and did no good at all, but about freedom exam " Bozdag uses the phrase , shares in which he gave the following opinion :
"Germany, training for Turks in Germany, employment, rights and freedoms made serious discrimination and injustice, even at issue, is still doing well. For example, take a Turkish teenager she married someone from Turkey or next boy or his parents in Turkey to Germany he wants if his wife, children, to enter the mother and father of the German exam and are required to be successful. this is a democratic sturdy? German unfamiliar sightseers, the German who does not know his wife-husband, the father and son who do not speak German or not allow to meet the children and parents in Germany, democracy , the rule of law, can talk about human rights and freedoms? of course not talk about. "

"Great is the shame of democracy and rule of law"
Bozdag, Germany and Turkey coup against the President now who want to pro-democracy rallies that prevent Erdogan's speech via teleconference with the decision of the Constitutional Court of Turkey recalled, said:

" Turkey's President 's speech to the European Convention on Human Rights were also blocked or dropped against which the provisions of the German Constitution? Turkish people, Turkey's President , taking the martyrs and gazilig the eye, and some even have prevented the coup as martyrs and veterans , appeared to have democracy.

Germany 's speech our President is unfair, blocking illegal and discourteous manner is a great shame that democracy and rule of law . Germany then against Turkey 's democracy , rule of law , unacceptable to receive the mouth of the concepts of human rights and freedoms . Turkey , leaving the President , was probably broke inhibits any of the doomsday talk , was shut down. whether terrorist propaganda a crime in Turkey to ban those who say the speech of the President of Turkey is not a big contradiction? "
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