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For stolen military high school exam questions ' Istikhar to ' lie
 Yozgat based in 11 provinces "Fethullahist Terrorist Organization / Parallel State Yapılanması to (feto / PCM)" for part of the operation, the investigation launched on the grounds of irregularities in the entrance examination to the military school, stolen military high school exams to the question "right to use" fear of approaching students, "You are there very stirring. the question of Fethullah Gülen's big brother and sees the Istikhar next night they slept, '' he was convinced that the provision of settlement and military schools appeared.
Yozgat Governor of the State of Emergency Bureau said in a statement, Yozgat Provincial Police Anti-Smuggling and Organized investigation of irregularities in the entrance examination to the military school of Combating Crime Branch team said 4 months is maintained.

Students entering the military high school exams, parents, knowledge of the party and the statements taken from suspects, the information and documentation as a result, under investigation feto / PCM depends particularly obedient from studying in the classroom and "congregation" in a statement expressed that the selection of the zealots, reaching to their families, '' we run courses for your child in our homes, in the future we will bring them to the big ones, send your children to our community house '' reportedly made the suggestion.

The statement mentioned that placed in the home identified the students upon acceptance of the families, the students alleged home imams by Feton leader Fethullah okutturulup of a variety of Gülen's books, which transmits to the video, and that the series consistently Feton praise recorded is detected.

In a statement, the students military and military describing izlettirilerek various films, "Friends you can have a commander as well in this film, your country, your homeland, you may be nation is useful to individuals. In the hands of now the military heathen and a bigot, we want to see there for you in their place. After class today Our work will be mainly military school, now more often stay in our homes. " It was transferred called.

Students are "atheists in the military, left mentality, Kemalist mindset that the officers, replacing them as necessary to serve the faithful Muslim people like themselves" as the highlighted statement has been determined that there the suggestion, in these children all expenses incurred motivated trades meeting himmet, gathered under a scholarship and similar names Too much money from money, feto given information about the structure of a "good Fethullahist" to "brother" s obedience was expressed that determine the significance.

In close examination Students month groups of four into the statement that they and their hiding isolated from society by taking to the camp in their home pupils who belong to the organization, each student 4 large Muslim caliph who is Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, given the Ali name, code, students are addressed by name reportedly appeared to have been motivated in this way .

'Evening on the questions they saw in a dream,' 'they deceived
In a statement, the students won the Military School Exam exam before they thawed test questions, Military School Examination in the vision that the same question exactly and with this event, "the servant entitled" Feto on to indicate that they are uncomfortable for the entry / PCM members of, "You, there are very confuse these questions see the older brother at night or they Istikhar Fethullah Gulen next dream. permissible to clear this matter heathens in the military "was transferred as they are detected.

Nevertheless, the students do not want to enroll in a military school, "You went to waste the deal done for you, you selected're the one, you're going to have greatly contributed to the current service by reading these schools. If you go to military school 'compassion slap' you eat. You will not enter any work in a better state institutions" as in the highlighted statement is threatened, reportedly test-winning students to memorize the interview questions.

Examination winning children also are required to do in schools in the description indicates that taught "to be certain that the communitarian, community conversation among friends if you have never been to that issue, when you contact us using their mobile phones, come us to places that we tell our you by calling to pay, disguised "it noted that the suggestions made in the form.

The statement, in allowing students the weekend "home brother" of the community, they meet at their home address in the set, and thus also emphasized that prevents breakage of the congregation.

Yozgat Police Department Smuggling and Terrorism Directorate Organized Crime teams, "feto / pdy'y owned student houses remaining and brother by that special education by giving grown students to military schools in the entrance exam playback of questions, questions that given to the leaked student essay questions that will appear on the exam to students depends on organization he memorized under exam name, student exam with the memorized questions is the same of the questions, feto / PCM members of that unfairly enable them to military school exams and these people into the Armed Forces to infiltrate, he organized it "had been identified.

based Yozgat under investigation in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Adana, Samsun, Siirt, Istanbul, Izmir and taken to 20 people were detained in the operations in Bayburt, accused of 18 were arrested by the court were taken, was released on condition that 2 to judicial control.
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