Five arrested in anti-Daesh operation in Istanbul

Turkish police seize 99,800 Turkish liras on a suspect

Five arrested in anti-Daesh operation in Istanbul
 Five people who were allegedly working as cash mules for terrorist group Daesh have been arrested, Turkish police said on Thursday.
Anti-terror police began monitoring the group when it received information alleging the cell was financially supporting Daesh, police sources said.

On Tuesday, Istanbul police arrested the leader, who is suspected of having met Daesh members in Iraq and Syria.

Turkish officials also saıd they seized 99,800 Turkish liras ($34,396) on the suspect.

On Thursday, Turkish police raided an Istanbul textile workplace which he allegedly visited often and arrested four Syrian men.

All five people are suspected of carrying cash to Daesh members in Iraq and Syria.

In a separate incident, police said they noticed that Daesh members were using a cellphone line previously owned by a Turkish citizen who died last year in Syria fighting with Daesh.

Turkish police raided an address in Istanbul’s Esenyurt district after receiving a signal from the phone.

Three Syrians were arrested during the operation, police said.
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