Draft EU deal shows 'real progress': Cameron

However, British prime minister says 'more work needs to be done'

Draft EU deal shows 'real progress': Cameron
 By Ilgin Karlidag

British Prime Minister David Cameron said Tuesday "real progress" has been made in all four areas where the U.K. is seeking reforms concerning its membership with the EU.

"Draft EU renegotiation document shows real progress in all four areas where U.K. needs change but there's more work to do," Cameron said on his Twitter account.

European Council President Donald Tusk earlier published the draft deal to keep the U.K. within the EU. The proposals say the EU will allow an "emergency brake" on welfare benefits for citizens of other EU member states living in the U.K.

In comments to a U.K. broadcaster, Cameron said: “On so many things I was told these things would be impossible.

“I said I wanted a red card system for national parliaments to block legislation, people said you wouldn't get that: it's there in the document.

“People said we wouldn't get the idea of people having to wait four years before getting in-work benefits in Britain -- it's there in the document.”

Tusk will present the proposals to leaders of the other 27 EU member states during a summit on Feb.18-19.

Cameron has promised a referendum on the U.K.’s continued EU membership by the end of 2017 and is trying to renegotiate four key areas of European policy before the vote.

The areas cover economic governance, business regulation, national sovereignty and curbs on migration.

*Michael Sercan Daventry contributed to this report from London

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