Court rules for 30-days general search warrant

An Ankara court has ruled in favor of a general search warrant for the Çankaya district of the Turkish capital, allowing police to make preventative security searches and detentions for 30 days from Aug. 25.

Court rules for 30-days general search warrant
The ruling came upon an application by the Çankaya District Police Department after intelligence warnings about possible car bomb attacks or suicide bomb attacks planned by terrorist organizations, especially in İstanbul and Ankara.
The warrant allows police to conduct identity searches and detentions in all public spaces, workplaces open to the public, and private vehicles on the streets.

Security measures have therefore been boosted in the Çankaya district, where the General Staff HQ, military departments, the Prime Ministry office, ministries, official state residences, embassies and foreign missions are located.
Güncelleme Tarihi: 31 Ocak 2016, 00:34