167 generals and admirals assignment was
 Ministry of National Defense, the Land Forces Command of the 94 generals, the Navy Command of the 22 flagship, the Air Force from 44 to GATA Command generals six generals and one admiral's decision on the appointment to various posts, was published in the Official Journal of the duplication.
According to the Ministry of Defense decided to appoint, Lieutenant General Intelligence Aksakallı been promoted to this job stress Special Forces Command will continue its mission.

The Chief of General Staff Lt. Gen. Osman will conduct trainin.

Lieutenant General Tahir Land Forces Training and Doctrine Command is assigned Bekiroğlu (EDOK) was carrying out the task before Kamil Başoğlu with the rank of general.

Ihsan Uyar previously carried out by the Land Forces Chief of Staff Gen. rank the 9th Corps Commander was appointed Honorary Lieutenant Öngay.

Assign the Ministry of Defense
According to appointment decisions, the Ministry of Defense Deputy Undersecretary for Legal Affairs Ministry of Defense Brigadier General Ihsan Nightingale was appointed as Deputy Undersecretary. The other assistant undersecretary Brigadier General Ihsan S., Tümgenerall Omar Alexis was brought by parents Gençtürk Carder.

Chief of Staff Brigadier General Legal Counsel Dincer will continue the same task with the new rank of the Urals. Troop carried out with the rank of major general before he was appointed to the school and Education Division Commander Brigadier General Bulent Tugrul.

4. Assigning to Main Jet Base Command
Air Force Lt. Gen. Mehmet Şanver to the Military Academies Command, Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Nihat Kökmen, President of Operations also appointed Major General Mehmet concise.

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, after the Raiders to specify the closed Base used in the coup attempt had been appointed to the 4th Main Jet Base Command.

2nd Main Jet Base Command, Brigadier General Sarge's Göktan, 5th Main Jet Base Command, Brigadier General Rafet Dalkıran, 1st Main Jet Base Command of Brigadier Erdogan Gur, 9th Main Jet Base Command, Brigadier General Kemal Turan, 8th Main Jet Base Command, Brigadier General Ibrahim Carpenter, 3rd main Jet base Command, Brigadier General Ergun Eskici, 12th Aviation Command Brigadier home base Selcuk Aygun, in Adana Incirlik 10th Tanker base Command appointed Brigadier General Ismail Morning on.

Calipers victim to mission-critical
Some accused the Turkish Armed Forces in the caliper case for the Naval Forces Command officers were brought to mission-critical.

Accordingly, the "military espionage" case in Istanbul who was released 3 years after prison and later acquitted by Rear Admiral Echo BAĞCIOĞLU the Operations Directorate in the "Sledgehammer" within the scope of the trial after being in prison for 4 years retrial results acquitted Rear Admiral Bulent Olcay was appointed to the Intelligence Department .

Navy Chief of Staff to the Commander Rear Admiral Adnan Özbal Bosporus Command Rear Admiral Tayyar Ertan, Dardanelles Command Rear Admiral Mithat Algül Kemal, was brought to the Mediterranean Regional Command Rear Admiral Kadir Stars.

The Commander of the Armed Forces Health and GATA Command Rear Admiral Bilgiç duty was introduced.
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