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What is good for those who live in osteoporosis should read

How long should drink milk daily with a myriad of benefits?

Milk should be consumed in every period of life, energy and nutrients that your body needs substantially meets. Dietitian Sea Berksoy told us numerous benefits, and daily consumption of the wonders of how much milk should be discussed.

Milk, in the best quality protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, contains most of. Pregnancy and lactating mothers for the development of the baby’s bones and dairy products increases the importance of the need for calcium stores. The protein found in milk up to be shown as the reference protein quality, and in particular the formation and the repair of muscle tissue is very effective.

MucizeleriKemik and tooth structure necessary for milk: milk and dairy products are rich in calcium, essential for strong bones and teeth structure. The use of 99% of the calcium in the body with the highest mineral. Reduces the risk of osteoporosis in women after menopause.

Calcium and phosphorus-rich: Milk and dairy products rich in calcium, phosphorus addition. The most abundant human body after calcium phosphate, 80% of 20% of the cells in the bones and teeth and has extracellular fluids.

Contain the necessary vitamins for your body: Milk and dairy products incorporates almost all of the vitamins necessary for human beings to be. A, D, E and K vitamins are included in the milk in relation to milk fat.

High-quality source of protein: protein found in milk and milk products and especially the quality shown in the reference protein formation and the repair of muscle tissue is very effective.

Milk consumption should be how much?

From childhood to a healthy skeletal system enough milk and milk products should be consumed. Bone resorption are common in our country, especially women, children and adolescents is an important nutrient for the milk. At least 2-3 glasses of water per day (500 ml-750 ml) milk and milk products consumption is important.

Transnational rates of dairy consumption

The level of consumption of milk and dairy products in Turkey is 100 kg per year, this amount is considerably lower than in developed countries. Drinking milk consumption at 26 liters per person per year is estimated to be. When we look at other countries, whereas the annual consumption; Iceland at 120 liters, in Australia 107 liters, in the United States of 82 liters, in Russia and 70 liters.

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